fredag 8 juli 2011

Marie Antoinette

Finally she is here, the large Marie Antoinette that I've been working on some time now.  I made her for a dear friend of mine, and she has now left my house to live in her new palace!
She is appr. 22 inches (56 cm) and is all cloth, her hair is made of wool row and wool yarn.
The clothes are hand sewn and removable.
I had a great time while working on her, trying to figure out the clothing and yarn wig!
Now I move  on to my next project, a male from the same century, the Swedish world-famous; Carl von Linné.

7 kommentarer:

  1. So beautiful! Marie, herself, would be very pleased - she would absolutely die for the shoes (no pun intended)!

    Best ~Susan

  2. Hi Monica, she is adorabel. Just love her. I´ll think I would name her Madam Pomapadou... There is alredy one with Maries name... What do you think?....Thanks again fore making this treasure fore me... hugs Jeanette

  3. Thank you so much Susan and Jeanette!

  4. hej där min goding, hoppas sommaren varit bra och gett dig det du vill ha.... iallafall en liten tripp till Liam... vore toppen om du hinner in till butiken... har så mycket att prata om nu när vi inte setts på en evighet... kram Jeanette

  5. Hej min goaste.... Nu börjar mitt Monicauppdämda behov snart pysa över... Vi måste seees.. krma J

  6. Hi Monica, Your Marie Antoinette is soooo sweet! Love the hair and slippers

  7. hej söta du... hoppas du har haft en skön helg... jag åker till Nacka och passar ungarna ikväll.... vi hörs... Jag ääälskar mössan du stickat... kram j


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