tisdag 15 maj 2012

Here is my latest creation. Miss Vera has a linen dress with a hat to match it!

söndag 29 april 2012

 I wanted to try a different kind of prim, and I made a template which allows the doll to sit firmly. I'm quite happy with the result! Looking forward to posting more pictures soon!

torsdag 12 april 2012

Beaded chicken and hens

 This is this years collection of Easter Chicks
I felted them with hot soap water and did a little work with my felting needle. Then I thought it would be pretty with beads embroidered on their combes and on some of the eggs!


torsdag 3 november 2011

Some late Halloween Greetings!

 My, my, my... It's so stressful with all this trickn'treating business - and in Sweden we're still not quite sure of the date since it coincides with our own 'Alla Helgons dag'
Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful November!