torsdag 5 maj 2011

Marie Antoinette inspired doll

Dear visitors! It's taken me some time to figure out how to make a 1800-th century wig-hairstyle. This is the third one, made from wool rowing, needled-felted in shape of hair rolls and then covered with wool-yarn. Maybe I'll add some jewellery, ribbon or something more crazy like they did in those days.
A friend of mine, has ordered a large Marie-Antoinette doll, standing,  and this is my 'study' doll.
As you doll makers know, it's great fun to find out how to solve things you have in mind for your doll.

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  1. OH my heck how did you do her hair? and did it take forever! she is just the picture of awesome work!
    Keep up the great work. I can't wait to see what you have done next!
    Thank you for you wonderful kindness.

  2. Monica, very nice hair! Maybe some day you will share with us how to do this. There are some good websites with hair tutorials out there, just do a search or ask and I can send you the links. Julsie1231

  3. Thank you! It took some trial and error to figure out the 1800th century wig-style! I used my felting needles and made 'wool'rolls and then winded wool yarn aound them and sew them in place. Lots of fun! In my current work on the Big Marie Antoinette I will use the same technique, but more of it, lots more!!

  4. Just happened upon your blog. Marie Antoinette is a doll! Really nice work. what a character from history!
    best, nadia


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